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Countertop Materials

BWS-CRG offers the finest and most innovative in countertop materials. From exciting new laminate options, to unique granite patterns, colorful quartz, and backlit corian we have everything you need to create the space you want. Our products offer durability and function, and are fabricated and installed by highly trained and certified employees.  


LaminateWith tremendous advances in color and performance technology, Laminate countertops offer new design options at the most affordable price.


Granite; Offers a rare blend of colors and textures making any of your projects truly beautifully unique. Highly scratch, heat and stain resistant also makes Granite an extremely durable choice.  Granite is also very affordable with several colors starting at a lower cost than many other premium surfaces.


Quartz; Combining the best of science and the beauty of nature, this man-made stone offers superior performance with a distinctive color palette.  Stronger than natural stone, Quartz resists stains, scratching, cracks and chips.  Easy maintainence that never requires sealing.


Solid Surface; Offers a softness and warmth to the touch other materials don't.  Unique fabrication features allow for design options not found in other materials such as: inconspicuous seams, integral sinks and cove style backsplash.  Solid Surface is also the only countertop material that can be refreshed or repaired.


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