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How to prepare for a Countertop Measure
The countertop measure is the critical step in which exact dimensions are gathered in order to fabricate your new countertops. Prior to the measure person arriving to your home, the existing countertops need to be cleared of all dishware, small appliances, decorations, etc. It's not uncommon for a laser template system to be used in the measuring process, so pets and/or children should be kept clear of the area, so the equipment does not get bumped and vibration from foot traffic is minimized. During the measure process, the measure person will verify all details of the new countertops for accuracy. This will include material, color, edge profiles, backsplash, sink, faucet and cooking appliance. If any of this information was left undetermined with your sales person prior to the measure, it will need to be completed at the field measure as these items affect how the countertops are measured and fabricated. Following the measure, the measure person will review how to prepare for the installation and answer questions you may still have. It is the responsibility of the customer to communicate any changes following the field measure to their sales person. If the notice is not given in time to update the fabrication cycle, any remaking of tops or additional trips will be at the customers cost.
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