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Marble is a softer stone that may scratch, chip or crack more easily than granite or quartz. Regular sliding of items across the surface may cause scratches to appear quickly. Impact from many items can cause chips or cracks to occur. In addition, marble is a more porous stone which makes it more porne to staining and etching. Because of the mineral make-up of marble, even sealers are less effective at preventing stains. Things that would potentially stain marble would be dyes used in many personal care products, such as soap, lotion, and toothpaste. Many foods and beverages can also stain the surface if not immediately wiped out. Oils from such products can also penetrate the seal. Etching in marble can be caused by a variety of products including acidic foods, which react with the calcite found in marble, like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine. Cleaners can also etch, and it is necessary to use products deemed safe on marble to avoid damage to the surface.
Stained or etched marble countertops cannot be repaired or restored.
For daily cleaning, best results can be achieved by using an un-dyed microfiber cloth and water. It is wise to invest in a cleaner designed specifically for marble or natural stone. Please check out the care products avilable in our showroom.

Care and Maintenance
As mentioned above, marble is naturally weak in resistance to scratches, etching and staining due to the softness and porous nature of the stone. Therefore, if not maintained properly with routine cleaning and sealing, marble has a high chance of receiving damage.

Daily Care
For daily cleaning, the best results can be achieved with an un-dyed microfiber cloth and water. Because marble is porous, using abrasive products or common household cleaners is not recommended. Instead it is wise to invest in a cleaner specifically designed for natural stone. When unsure about a product, test it on a small unnoticeable area.

Marble should have come sealed when installed but it is important to regularly reseal marble periodically. Twice a year is our suggested minimum, depending on use. Sealing fills the pores in marble to help it resist the absorption of potentially damaging chemical, acids, or stain producing materials. It also helps to prolong the shiny appearance. Sealing can be done by you and there are various sealers on the market. We recommend DuPont Bulletproof Sealer. Whichever sealer you select, be sure to follow direction on the package.

Preventative Measures
Use cutting boards and trivets to prevent scratches and burns on your countertop. Use the same care with hot bathroom appliances such as curling irons, hair dryers or irons. Do not drag items across the surface. Wipe up spills immediately. Use only appropriate cleaning methods as described above.
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