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How to prepare for a Countertop Install
Please make sure there are no tripping hazards and that during the winter season there is no ice that could cause the installers to trip or slip while carrying heavy countertops that would likely cause injury and/or damage to product. Prior to the installers arriving (if existing countertops are to be removed by BWS‐CRG) the existing countertops need to be cleared just as you did for the measure as described here. If plumbing is in place and you are not using BWS/CRG to assist with plumbing services, all the plumbing needs to be disconnected. This would include water lines shut off and disconnected from the faucet, drinking water systems and dishwasher. Disconnect all drain lines and remove garbage disposals if in place. Replacing countertops is a "construction process." As a result, minor scrapes and dings can occur during the removal and/or the installation process. Homeowners should make provisions for any "touch‐up" needs. The contents of the base cabinets need to be completely emptied, drawers removed and placed outside the work area. Access is needed to the underside of the countertops to complete installations. Also, debris is generated during the removal process and empty cabinetry will allow for an easier and more thorough clean up. In most countertop replacements, one or more appliances needs to be moved to get existing countertops out and the new ones in. During the measure, the measure person will let you know which ones and where to best locate them. BWS/CRG cannot disconnect or handle any appliances. If assistance is needed outside of friends and family, arrangements should be made with an appliance company.
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